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Neues von der Fuscherlacke

Neues von der Fuscherlacke

Gasthof Fuscherlacke.

Why we are called the "Mankeiwirt"

Perhaps you have already asked yourself, why we are called "Mankeiwirt" ("Mankei" means marmot, "Wirt" means host - so "Mankeiwirt" means host of the marmots)? Well, here comes the simple answer:

I - Herbert Haslinger, the "Mankeiwirt" - and my 8 sisters and brothers have grown up in a time where we still used to play in the woods. We exactly knew the wild animals and how they lived.

Caused by my apprenticeship at the inn Fuschertörl, my living space changed - nevertheless nature continued to be a personal magnetism for me. Soon the animals and plants of the high alpine terrain got familiar to me, and when I got up early enough, I could observe the marmots.

One morning I've found a little baby-marmot nearby the house. Without its mother it was certainly doomed to death - so I decided to care for "Morfi", as we called the little marmot, together with my family. We could hardly believe it ourselfes, but the small animal grew up and became a part of us, comparable to a house cat.

So it came, that one of my regular guests called me "Mankeiwirt" once. At first everybody laughed, but at the same time a "surname" for our Gasthof Fuscherlacke was born.

Our marmot "Morfi" overwinters in our house down in the valley. We couldn't imagine life without that likeable animal any more.